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Youth Programs and Services

Independence Associates is dedicated in supporting youth with disabilities in our service area in learning the skills to be as independent as possible through our two youth programs. Both programs operate using the agency’s five core services.

Transition to Adulthood Program (TAP)

Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-Ets)

To sign up for Pre-ets, TAP or other youth services, please visit the Referral Page.

photo of skills trainer Radi Radev and board member Elizabeth Gray

Independence Associates is committed to assisting all youth with a disability regardless of eligibility status for Pre-ets or TAP.

MA CareerACCESS's motto is Independence through Employment. Based in Salem and Lawrence, young adults between the ages of 18 and 28 are advocating for SSI to change the incentives for working. MA CareerACCESS wants Massachusetts to pilot a change in SSI to assist more young men and women living with disabilities to be able to have a Career.

Transition to Adulthood Program

The TAP Program provides services to youth with disabilities to help them prepare for transitioning to adulthood and greater independence. Services are provided using a peer modeling approach and based on the Independent Living philosophy of consumer control. The program assists consumers in developing independent living goals, and provides individual and group services that are designed to assist youth in attaining their goals.

Youth enrolled in TAP will work closely with their assigned Skills Trainer on skill development and completion of tasks to meet the goals and objectives outlined in their Independent Living Plan. The goal of the program is to give youth with disabilities the experiences to gain confidence, knowledge, and skills in preparation for leaving high school and transitioning into adulthood while supporting the parents of the youth in learning the community resources that are available.

Who is Eligible for TAP Services?

The program may serve individuals between the ages of 16 and 22 who are currently out of school, however these individuals must have a goal in their ILP to return to school.


Pre-Employment Training Services (Pre-Ets) is a program funded by the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission. It is designed to help any potentially eligible youth, 14-22 and still in high school, have the chance to learn valuable skills which can make them more competitive in the workforce.

As it stands, Pre-Ets at IA will be a series of in-school workshops focused on resume building, interview practice, and professionalism in the workplace. On top of this, we will be using career exploration testing and other resources to determine the types of career paths/college options our consumers may be best interested in. All of this will end with a chance for our consumers to engage in enriching job shadowing experiences, give informational interviews, or create final projects based on what they’ve learned.

youth consumer holding a dog at his internship site

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