Independence Associates - Center for Independent Living

Five Core Services

Independence Associates works with consumers both individually and in groups to provide the five core services of independent living: Information and Referral, Advocacy, Independent Living Skills Training, Peer Counseling and Transition.

Information and Referral

Photo of Kathie - I and R SpecialistInformation and referral (I&R) services are provided to people with disabilities, family members, services providers, and the community in response to specific requests. Information about benefits, services, and options provided by local, state and national organizations is provided in a format accessible to the individual making the request. Information is available on a variety of disability related subjects such as the ADA, advocacy, daily living skills, housing, recreation, etc. IA staff has expertise and experience with Social Security Benefits, Vocational and Community Services from the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, Mass. Health, Housing Authorities, Elder Services, and others. Our Resource Coordinators work with consumers to design and implement their own personal plan for independence.


Two different types of advocacy are provided: Self Advocacy and Community/Systems Advocacy. Jan. 2011 PCA Rally at the statehouse
IA participates in events and actions that advance community awareness and advocates for continuous improvement to barrier removal throughout our service area, state & nation participating in events in our local communities, at the State House in Boston and the halls of Congress in Washington DC.

Peer Counseling

Many of the staff members at IA are people with disabilities and can provide peer support utilizing their understanding of the independent living program and their personal experiences. They are able to assist establishing emotional support, skills development, information and resource sharing to help facilitate self exploration and understanding. Peer support is provided one on one in a consumer directed manner. Support can be provided over the phone, in person at our office, or meeting somewhere in the community in a location agreed upon by the consumer such as the local library or a coffee shop that is accessible to meet.

Independent Living Skills

Photo of Resource CoordinatorsIndependent living skills training is focused on consumer skills development. This development includes empowerment of the individual with a disability to solve their own problems and achieve their personal goals. Some skills relate to personal growth, others relate to learning more about how to handle and navigate services and responsibilities. Topics of skills training may include daily living skills, health and nutrition, assistive technology, mobility, transportation, resource management, etc., based on what the consumer requests.


Transition comes in more than one flavor. Our team assists people with disabilities transitioning from nursing homes or other institutionalized settings into the community as well as youth transitioning from school life to adulthood. Regardless of the type of transition, each consumer works with a member of our Independent Living team to learn the skills necessary for navigating the path to independence. Our team works with consumers individually addressing the relevant concerns leading to a safe and successful transition.

Independence Associates Center for Independent Living
100 Laurel Street, Suite 122, East Bridgewater MA 02333
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